Age is just a number for success or for those who want to achieve. All you need to have is confidence, talent and the right attitude. Here is the best example to prove that success is a possibility at any age. A 106-year-old great-grandmother named Mastanamma from a remote village of Andhra Pradesh is just proving that. She has become a YouTube sensation because of her traditional, old time cooking techniques.
Yes! You read it right. Grey haired Mastanamma has taken YouTube by storm with over 300,000 subscribers for her YouTube channel ‘Country Foods’. She is winning hearts with her cooking videos.
With a cotton sari as her uniform and an open paddy field as her kitchen, Mastanamma squats on the ground as she chops vegetables, stirs pots and prods the fire in front of her primitive stove.
The videos show Mastanamma making plenty of recipes using fresh ingredients and flavourful combinations in …