Bangladeshis will share their foods with the Rohingya community people, who fled their country in wake of the ongoing genocide, said Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
She said: “Bangladesh is not a rich country … but if we can feed 160 million people, another 500 or 700,000 people, we can do it. Our people will share their foods with the refugees, if necessary.”
The premier made the heartwarming remarks while being interviewed by the Reuters.
Replying to a query whether Bangladesh has the ability to feed the refugees, she said: “We have enough food security and we are able to feed the refugees.
“Our people are sharing their resources with the refugees and they will continue extending their support to the distressed minority people in the critical moment.”
Referring to her (a few minutes) conversation with US President Donald Trump during a UN event, she said: “Trump’s stance on refugees was clear. America already declared …