NEW WASHINGTON, Ind. (WDRB) — A little girl in New Washington, Indiana is on a mission to make sure no one is left out.
Peyton Jones is spreading kindness with one “Buddy Bench” at a time.
Recess at New Washington Elementary is a chance to spend a little time outside with friends, but 8-year-old Peyton noticed not everyone had a friend. “I want them to have somebody to play with. I don’t want them to feel like that,” Peyton said.
So she decided to do something about it. The 3rd grader thought her school needed a “Buddy Bench,” something her mom had told her about. 
“When you don’t have anybody to sit with on the playground, you sit on the Buddy Bench and other kids come over and ask if you want to play with them,” said Peyton.
It’s a place to sit that brings kids together to feel more included.
“Especially once you get to …