Tim Newton got out of bed, slipped into his Crocs and trudged over to his window.
It was just before dawn on a Tuesday, when something woke him up.
That wasn’t unusual. His home — located near a state park in the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska — has attracted quite a few furry creatures over the years from moose to bulls. Once, he was woken up by a black bear on his deck.
“I heard this patter of feet racing around on the deck. I thought, ‘Well, that isn’t a bear. What the heck is that?'” Newton recalled.
The sound was like “huge pads sticking to the deck like Velcro,” he said.
Wrapped in his favourite full-length, grey fleece robe, Newton opened the window shade “just a crack.”
Oh, just cats, he thought.
Newton said he was just about to shoo the nuisance away, when he noticed little tufts of hair on their ears.
That’s when it dawned on him.
“Then, I look closer, …