Snow leopards. They’re one of nature’s most beautiful yet rarest creatures. Found only in the mountainous regions of South and Central Asia, this stunning species has been a cause for concern for zoologists, conservationists and animal lovers for decades. For many years snow leopards have been considered an ‘endangered’ species. But all that looks to have changed.
The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) keeps what they call their ‘Red List of Threatened Species’, a register of the very most at risk creatures on Earth. And the snow leopard has just been stepped down a level. It is now only considered as ‘vulnerable’, instead of ‘endangered’.
It’s no cause for huge celebration, though. These vulnerable animals are still very much under threat of extinction. It’s just that their status, as the name suggests, isn’t quite as worrying as ‘endangered.’
“The previous assessment in 2008 (endangered C1) was based on less 2,500 …