People who laid their bodies on top of others to shield them from gunfire.
Others who ran back into the path of bullets to help strangers get out.
Concert-goers who carried the wounded on railings and tables as makeshift gurneys and who started up their own private pickup trucks to bring people to hospitals.
Sunday night’s Las Vegas attack was the worst shooting in modern US history, but the tales of heroism coming out of it showcase some of the best of humanity.
Concert-goer Mike McGarry, who survived, told Reuters news agency that he lay on top of his children when the shots rang out.
“They’re 20, I’m 53. I lived a good life,” he said.
He said people running over him to get away left shoeprints on the back of his shirt.
Similarly, Carly Krieger shielded her young daughter by lying her on the ground and getting on top of her. She told CNN: …