The University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business received Wednesday the latest installment in what has become the largest donation in the university’s 110-year history.
University alumnus Jay H. Shidler, whom the school is named after, donated $117 million in cash and real estate ground leases. This is in addition to a $111 million gift he announced in 2014.
In total, Shidler has given $228 million to the school.
In addition to being the largest donation in university history, it is also the second-largest known gift to any U.S. business school at a public university.
The ground leases were designed to provide the school with a steady source of income that could potentially make the school tuition-free within 40 years.
“Each facility, each program and professor is going to cost a lot of money, so my thought was if I could give the university a gift that had a highly predictable income stream, and this …