As Puerto Ricans grapple with the loss of family, home, work, and access to basic needs (food, clean water, and utilities) in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Panda Express is offering a lifeline to its employees on the island.
In addition to sending aid to its workers in Puerto Rico, Panda Express is also offering relocation assistance to employees affected by the hurricane. “As soon as the airport opens, we will relocate interested associates, including hourly team members, to the States and help them get on their feet again,” a company representative wrote in an email.
The California-based chain, with the support of its founders, is offering cash, satellite phones, and supplies including first aid, water filters, flashlights, and batteries to workers without access to funds, and “paying associates for hours they would have worked and in advance of payroll.”
As soon as the 185 mph winds died down, Julia Lee, …