Most seven-year-old kids would never, ever part ways with the jersey of their favorite player. Not much could separate a kid from a cherished kit, much less one signed by his idol.
For seven-year-old Alex Idarra, the signed Christian Pulisic jersey is his most valuable possession. And in an incredible act of kindness, Alex decided to raffle off the Borussia Dortmund shirt to help the people of Puerto Rico recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Maria.
“I’m raffling it off because I’m trying to raise money for the Puerto Ricans that don’t have food and water,” Alex said. “Puerto Rico’s really important to me because they’re one of our territories.”
The damage from Maria has taken a massive toll on Puerto Rico. Nearly 95 percent of people are still without electricity. Many are without any cell service. Over half of Puerto Ricans do not have access to drinking water and basic …