In the eyes of much of the world, it might have looked as if Faolin the Scottish terrier wasn’t doing very much.
Some might have even accused him of loafing, adrift in doggy daydreams while the little boy sitting on the floor of the Centre County Library read passages from “The Little Rabbit” with a labored intensity most people reserve for The New York Times Magazine.
The fair-minded can rest assured that underneath Faolin’s relaxed composure he was actually working his little fanny off, similar to the way that you can never catch a Zen master breaking a sweat.
“Scotties are not known for being outgoing, calm or friendly. He’s the exception,” Cheryl Fugate, the terrier’s owner/handler, said.
He’s also the cornerstone of the library’s own take on Tail Waggin’ Tutors, a Therapy Dogs International program that helps kids develop their reading skills with the perk of a furry little ringer in …