US Navy-trained dolphins and their handlers arrived in Mexico Thursday to participate in a last-ditch effort to catch, enclose and protect the few dozen remaining vaquita porpoises to save them from extinction.
Mexican authorities and an international group of experts say they will set out on October 12 in a fleet of small boats to find the critically endangered and elusive marine mammals with the assistance of the dolphins. Among the experts slated to help coordinate the ambitious mission is Grant Abel, a director of animal care at Ocean Park in Hong Kong.
Mexico – where rescue dogs became national heroes during last month’s earthquakes – was quick to release the names of the trained dolphins: Andrea, Fathom, Katrina and, understandably, Splash.
Mexican Environment Secretary Rafael Pacchiano said the US government “has been a great ally in this process, in this unprecedented project.”
Ambitious move to save world’s smallest porpoise, led by Ocean Park …