“Hey it’s good to be back home, again.”
Fitting that a quote from one of my favorite singers of the 70’s is also an expression of my pleasure to be “back home again” on BRO.   It’s been well over a year since I wrote for Buffalo Rising, and just like it’s good to be back here again, so too am I reminded how much I’ve missed it. And boy, do I miss it. So, why the absence?
As a Canamerican living north of the border, in full confession I had a difficult time processing the results of last November’s election. In truth, it dispirited me a great deal and it even affected my motivation to write about anything related to the US… including Buffalo.   I kept thinking to myself, “If only Buffalo could be moved a couple miles to the north, I’d have no need to grieve.” But I had to grieve.
A …