At a 10-acre small farm in north Napa, Vintage High School students learn the skills of animal husbandry. But in the days since wildfires began consuming swaths of the North Bay, those same teenagers – and their instructor – have become doers rather than learners, taking in livestock and pets and sometimes helping to drive them away from danger themselves.
Wednesday afternoon at Vintage Farm, dogs snatched from outside Atlas Peak homes menaced by flames were the temporary residents of the wooden turkey pens. Another pen was filled with 10 goats trucked in that same morning from St. Helena. And pipe fences, nets and improvisation had created space for dozens of horses that had arrived at the farm at the end of Sierra Avenue – often in a pickup truck and trailer driven by Vintage’s agriculture teacher, Emmalee Casillas – from every fire-skirted corner of the county.
Various pastures, farms and ranges …