MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Nine years ago, Cari Ennis was homeless.
Struggling to even find food to eat, Ennis told WREG’s Tim Simpson she doesn’t know where she would be if it wasn’t for the kindness of one man.
“He saved my life that day.”
“He was riding his bicycle and he asked me if I needed any help, and I told him that I was hungry and a little chilly. He told me to stay put and he’d be right back. He was going to get me something to eat.”
After several minutes, he returned.
“He came walking down the sidewalk right to me and gave me two bags of food, a bag of McDonald’s and a bag of Taco Bell,” Ennis recalled.
“I asked him, ‘Where’s your bike?’ He said, ‘Well, I went and pawned it just so I could get you something to eat because you looked like you needed something more than I …