Two young men from Val d’Oise, an area to the north of Paris, spent eight months this year traveling around France in search of the best alternative organic farming techniques. Throughout their trip, they posted videos, interviews and blog posts both to raise awareness about organic agriculture and to offer practical advice to people interested in starting farms of their own.
In the past ten years, organic food has made its way into French kitchens. Indeed, Agence Bio, a French public interest group, said that 2016 had been a “historic” year for the sector. That year, consumers in mainland France spent 7 billion euros on food with labels stating it was produced without GMOs or agrochemicals. That’s a 20% increase on 2015.
The number of people working in the organic food sector also grew by close to 12%. Antonin Deshayes and Julien Pedrot, two diehard believers in organic agriculture, decided …