BROOKFIELD – For years, Barrett Poetker kept her confidences in a small circle of family and friends. 
Outside of that world, almost no one knew the struggles she carried. 
Her sadness over her parents’ divorce, the bullying at school, the anxiety and depression. 
Last year, Poetker took a step toward widening that circle: a presentation in her Advanced Placement psychology class based on her diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder. 
In September, she went a step further. The Brookfield East senior penned a lengthy post on Instagram detailing her struggles to fit in during what she called “the 4 hardest and emotionally rolling years of my life.” The goal, as she said in the post, was to “HELP OTHERS KNOW THEY’RE NOT ALONE!” 
“Within 24 hours, I had 25 or so people texting me, saying ‘Thank you for sharing your story. … I feel the same way. … I really needed this,'” said Poetker. 
The reaction prompted Poetker to push for the creation of a wellness …