Elon Musk said last week that Tesla would accelerate its effort to help bring power back to Puerto Rico after sending a few hundred Powerwall battery packs to the island where the electric grid was destroyed by hurricanes last month.
Now we learn that Tesla is indeed stepping it up with now a new shipment of Powerpacks.
A single Powerpack 2 battery pack has the same energy capacity (210 kWh) as almost 16 Powerwall 2 battery packs combined (each 13.5 kWh).
Tesla’s Powerwall is useful to bring individual rooftop solar installations back online for homes and small businesses, but Tesla’s Powerpack has the potential to bring larger parts of the grid online by working with the electric utilities and combining the energy storage systems with solar farms or other renewable energy sources.
Now several Tesla Powerpacks were spotted at the San Juan airport in Puerto Rico over the weekend (pictures via …