Every day, twice a day, Arnetta Griffin arrives on 22nd Avenue in Uptown, and every day her regulars are waiting.
“She’s a saint; I’m not going to lie to you,” said one of those regulars, Carl Ingram Jr., who was sitting on a planter ledge reading a book when Griffin arrived.
Ingram has been homeless for about a year and said Griffin is a bright spot in difficult days.
“She’s got a heart. She’s got a heart.”
Since late May, Griffin has cooked meals twice a day in her own kitchen, packed them in individual containers and then turned up at lunch and dinner times in the 6100 block of 22nd Avenue to hand out food to homeless people who spend their days in Uptown, and to anyone in the neighborhood in need of a meal.
Each lunchtime she provides 20 meals. At dinner, she tries to give out 35.
On Monday at noon, she stepped …