by: Brittney Donovan, Action News Jax Updated: Oct 16, 2017 – 4:16 PM
A Jacksonville Ruby Tuesday manager is being applauded for her act of kindness to a boy with autism.
Katie Denton says she was eating dinner with her family and 11-year-old stepson Saturday at Ruby Tuesday off Hodges Boulevard in Jacksonville.
She said her stepson, Slade, has a high-functioning form of autism and loves dishwashers and washing machines.
The restaurant manager Ashley Hussey was talking to Denton’s mom when Slade asked if the restaurant had a big dishwasher in the back.
Denton said Hussey said yes and started telling Slade about her favorite kinds of dishwashers.
“We ordered our food, and Slade kept talking to us about dishwashers and how he wanted to see the one they had in the kitchen,” Denton said on Facebook. “My husband told him, ‘You’ll have to wait ’til we get home because you can’t go in the kitchen …