A Chicago teen had been repeatedly warned about sneaking onto the basketball court at a Skokie fitness facility, but one police officer came up with an alternative to arresting him for criminal trespassing.
In late August, X-Sport Fitness workers made good on a promise that police would be called in if they found the boy on the basketball court again.
“We had no choice but to contact police,” said X-Sport Operations Manager Justin Pritchett.
He said only a day after being warned, the boy – who lives just over the Skokie border in Chicago – tried to sneak in yet again.
Pritchett said the teenager — about age 15 — would repeatedly walk past the front desk and onto the court. At one point, he said, the boy hid in a bathroom stall to try to elude fitness center employees so he could play hoops with friends.
“He had had a membership, but his mother …