A family visiting from Tennessee won’t soon forget their trip to Portland after the downtown community came together to help them find their son’s lost stuffed bunny.
Jennifer Dzermejko said her son, Eddie, 5, lost his bunny pal, Bean, when he put him down while playing on the rocks in Tommy’s Park sometime during the afternoon on Oct. 12.
“When we left, (my son) forgot Bean. He’s had (Bean) since he was a baby and the stuffed animal has been a steady companion ever since. We put the word out on social media that he was missing and came back Friday morning to retrace our steps with no luck,” Dzermejko said.
The family then got a call from Kristin Forester, the manager at Gus & Ruby Letterpress, who had found Bean.
“We went straight there and picked him up. It was so great how the community came together to get Eddie and Bean reunited,” Dzermejko said.
Forester …