Miranda Chavez was 8 years old when she walked along the sandy shore in Edisto Beach, South Carolina, with her parents and a glass bottle in hand.
Instead of writing a letter to a pen pal, like other third-graders in her class, Chavez went a different route — she put a message in a bottle and tossed it into the ocean, hoping someday she’d get a response. That was on September 26,1988.
“I remember my mother being really insistent on writing the date on the note for me,” Chavez told CBS News. “I threw it as far as I possibly could. I was afraid I would leave and it would wash back up on shore.”
The letter didn’t end up on shore. 
Instead, it drifted about 90 miles away to Sapelo Island, Georgia. Linda Humphries and her husband, David, discovered the bottle 29 years later while doing a beach sweep on Saturday.
“We have a …