“I FEEL LIKE I’m a burglar here more so than anything.”
After 14 years on the streets, Martin Hart’s natural reaction to being shown a small but perfectly-formed apartment that could – should he choose – become his home is to be overwhelmed. Possibly incredulous. But certainly honest.
Photographer Donal Moloney has previously charted Martin’s life as a homeless man in Dublin in his award-winning short film Martin.
In this follow-up, we learn that Martin has come to the attention of the Housing First team. TheJournal.ie has highlighted the work of this service – overseen by Focus Ireland and the Peter McVerry Trust – which has as its objective to transition people from living on the streets into homes of their own. The approach is 360, including health professionals, property manager, outreach workers, among others, with the aim to make the transition long-term and sustainable.
Donal, who has developed a relationship of trust and friendship over …