Courtrooms can be grim spaces, but one American judge is doing his bit to bring compassion and humour to his judgments.
Judge Frank Caprio, who presides over a municipal court in Providence, Rhode Island, has become a viral sensation after videos of him doling out fair, empathetic verdicts and giving defendants a chance to explain their conduct started to go viral.
“I don’t wear a badge under my robe. I wear a heart under my robe,” Caprio told Associated Press in an interview earlier this year.
Caprio, 81, is almost like a kindly grandfather in court. He is the Chief Judge of Providence and has been reappointed six times by the city council. Most cases he hears deal with traffic infractions, parking tickets or criminal arraignments.
The judge is the star of his own TV show, Caught in Providence, which telecasts clips from court proceedings. But it is unlike any courtroom …