“I had the two larges ones in the stables but I kept the doors chained open so that they could bolt outside if they got a fright. I didn’t want to keep them trapped in there. They would have been too anxious,” she told Independent.ie.
“And in the panic they probably would have trampled over the two Shetlands so I decided it might be better to keep the Shetlands in the house and out of their way.
“One of the Shetlands – Little Peaches – has dwarfism and trips over everything. She’s very clumsy so I knew she wouldn’t have stood a chance. I was initially just going to bring her inside but she would have pined for her partner George so I brought the two of them in.
“They were so happy and content in the house, I couldn’t believe it,” she said.
Amanda kept the horses in her spare room for 24 …