mainland education

Some universities on the U.S. mainland are offering assistance to students in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean affected by Hurricane Maria. Several schools have gone as far as waiving tuition, others have offered reduced tuition by granting in-state status.
Eighteen-year-old Mariela Serrano arrived in Miami to attend Florida International University a month before Hurricane Maria devastated her home in Puerto Rico. Then, FIU announced it would give students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in-state tuition, extending the offer to current students like Serrano.
After the category four hurricane hit Puerto Rico, Serrano says it took weeks before she could hear her mother’s voice. All the while, having to keep up with school work and exams.
“I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t sleep,” she says. “The only thing I could think of was my family’s well being.”
Serrano was relieved when she finally heard from her mother, but because she hasn’t had electricity …