A picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes only the people who were there can explain the moment.
Julius Long was watching the protests outside of Richard Spencer’s rally. Randy Furniss was there to hear Spencer speak.
they say meeting each other was fate.
“Devine timing,” Long said.
“It was worth getting my teeth knocked into,” Furniss said.
They met when tickets sold out and Furniss was turned away.
He says protesters swarmed him – kicking, spitting, and even punching him.
“The only thing I saw out there at the rally was more racial separation,” Furniss said.
Long stepped in to help Furniss, and both were kicked out of the protest area..
“The people that were saying anti-hate, love, love, love, were the same people showing that ignorance and showing hate,” Long said.
But they say everything that happened that day was fate.
“They said, ‘what would’ve happened if you got …