Ninety-five years ago when a bellhop in a Tokyo hotel walked away from a German tourist sporting conspicuous hair, one could surmise there was some grumbling about the tip received. The recompense pocketed wasn’t legal tender of any sort, it was literally a tip, handwritten in German . Spoiler alert: it’s legal tender now.   
In November of 1922, on a trip to Japan, Albert Einstein received word that he’d be awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. Fates had it that based on Alfred Nobel’s parameters for the award, it had been difficult to pick a winner the year before, hence the late decision. The notable thinker was trying to collect his thoughts, presumably for the acceptance speech, when a knock distracted him.   
Caught without funds on hand when a hotel porter made his delivery, the physicist scribbled some life advice on hotel stationery. According to Winner’s Auctions and Exhibitions, …