An employee at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak is providing families of premature babies handmade Halloween costumes.
Ingrid Peeples, a Beaumont systems analyst, created dozens of costumes, ranging from a variety of superheros, Starbucks cappuccino, food items, sports jerseys and more for families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) who have experienced a premature child birth.
“I was a Beaumont, Royal Oak NICU mom myself, when my daughter was born premature four-and-a-half years ago, and the volunteers and Parenting Program did so much good for my family and my daughter,” Peeples said in a news release.
With help from her friend, Sarah Roberts, the two made costumes to bring the spirit of Halloween to parents with premature babies.
“This is my way of bringing some smiles to the families,” Peeples said in a news release.
“It can be a difficult time in the NICU, so any opportunity families can celebrate with their babies is amazing. It’s Halloween. …