The gang held him in his chair while they ransacked his bedroom, rifled through his pockets and made off with cash, leaving him shaken.
“I really was shocked at what happened,” he said.
“I couldn’t understand why it happened to me.
“I was very lucky that I had money in my pocket, because it wouldn’t have mattered where you had it hidden, they would have got it anyway. And they would have got it by force.
And he has been bowled over by the outpouring of goodwill from people who have got in touch.
He said: “I am beginning to brighten up a bit and be a bit more thankful to the people who called with me and called on the phone,” he said.
Pat said that he had decided to try to get something positive from the situation.
He has shown many more people around his museum, which has a collection of wacky cars and 32 …