Ottawa Police and RCMP leaving 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa Ontario Tuesday Oct. 17, 2017. A body was pulled from the Ottawa River near the back of the prime ministerís official residence on Tuesday morning. Tony Caldwell

TORONTO — Ontario is expected to announce sweeping changes to its policing laws today that include strengthening oversight of the system and making it possible to suspend officers without pay, The Canadian Press has learned.
The changes would include the first update to the Police Services Act in more than 25 years.
A source says the government will be implementing all of the recommendations contained in Appeal Court Justice Michael Tulloch’s report on police oversight, released earlier this year.
An Inspector General would be established to oversee police services, with the power to investigate and audit them.
Three civilian agencies charged with police oversight already exist — the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission. Unlike the SIU and OIPRD, a source says the Inspector General would not investigate individual police misconduct.
Those three current oversight bodies would also get expanded mandates, such …