?The Lismore car boot market, known locally as “The Booty”, is a treasure trove of the old, the rare and the downright oddball.
On a summer’s morning in 2013, the booty didn’t disappoint for local artist Stefanie Bassett.  While flicking through a plastic sleeve of old sketches she paused on a striking little painting that caught her eye. A small signature in the far right corner read “Olley, 1947”
Bassett said she knew she had found something special.
“I was transfixed,” she said.
“I felt sick with excitement like I had just unearthed an ancient treasure.”
She remembers, the store owner’s asking price was just $20.
“As I handed over a $20 note he piped up, ‘You know someone said that it reminded them of a Margaret Olley painting … if it turns out to be an Olley, you owe me a beer’,” Bassett recalled.
The painting was last month identified as an early work from one of Australia’s …