It was a phone call that Jennifer Leigh Thompson had hoped for but had long given up on receiving. Pilot, a beloved family cat that sometimes acted more like a dog, had been found alive after being missing for a decade.
The cat had been severely burned in the Wine Country fires that devastated the area, and his rescue on Halloween means he’ll soon be reunited with the family he hasn’t seen in 10 years.
A Good Samaritan found Pilot, badly burned but still alive, and took him to Petcare Veterinary Hospital in Santa Rosa. The staff there believes he had suffered burns more than two weeks earlier, most likely in the Tubbs fire that destroyed almost 2,000 homes in Santa Rosa.
They started treatment and, as is routine in vet offices, scanned him to see if he had a microchip. He did, and it showed his owner as the Thompson family.
“I never in …