To stay winning in the fight against Boko Haram, Nigeria’s army is turning to soccer.
The army has made steady progress in the battle against the terrorist sect Boko Haram in Nigeria’s northeast over the past two years. It has sacked the terrorists from their stronghold in Sambisa forest and recovered swathes of territory previously occupied by the sect and rescued thousands of abductees.
But as Boko Haram’s ranks and power shrink, the army faces a new task: ensuring that the sect no longer has a steady supply of willing recruits. That’s where soccer, Nigeria’s favorite pastime, comes in.
According Nigerian newspaper Punch, the army has organized a soccer tournament in Sambisa forest. The idea is to “make vulnerable youths in the communities unavailable for Boko Haram radicalization and recruitment,” says Timothy Antigha, the army’s deputy director of public relations. The tournament kicked off last month and will run till the end of …