On Saturday, Tom Hanks took a break from promoting his book in Austin, Texas, and helped a man in the crowd propose to his girlfriend, the Associated Press reported.
During a question and answer session at the Texas Book Festival about his new book, Uncommon Type: Some Stories, the AP reported that Hanks told the crowd he was bored of answering their questions and wanted to ask one of his own.
According to the AP, Hanks then took out a piece of paper and announced that there was a man in the crowd, Ryan McFarling, who had a question for a woman in the crowd, Nikki Young. The question was: “Nikki, will you marry me?”
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The couple then went onstage where McFarling got on one knee and presented Young with a ring, according to the AP. Luckily, she said yes.
Another guest at Hanks’ reading …