After two babies were switched at birth 39 years ago in Moldova, their families found out the truth in October.
The mothers of Valentina Suman and Tatyana Muradyan were put in the same hospital room on March 27, 1978, but when nurses removed the babies to give them a bath, they reportedly returned the girls to the wrong mothers.
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After Suman and Muradyan left the hospital, they both had trouble eating and would constantly cry for the first few months, but neither mother suspected it was because the babies were not theirs. 
Anatoliy Lashtur, the son of Vera and Nikolay Lashtur, said his family had always heard rumors that the sister he grew up with, Tatyana Muradyan, may be another woman’s child, but they initially brushed the rumors off.
It wasn’t until 1999 when the Lashtur family was getting ready to move to the U.S. that they began …