BETHLEHEM, Occupied West Bank – Hundreds of stray dogs usually go unnoticed as they roam around the West Bank. Daily life is already overwhelming for many Palestinians, who have to contend with harrassment and abuse under Israel’s 50-year military occupation, according to rights organisations. 
But for Palestinian Diana Babish, the dogs have become her life’s work. After 20 years working as a bank manager, she decided to quit her job and dedicate all her time to saving dogs. 
She greets the dogs with the Arabic word habibi (my love) and never shies away from showering them with hugs and kisses.
“I saw many dogs being abused and tortured,” Babish tells Middle East Eye. “Many people here are taught not to have compassion for animals. It’s like they believe [the animals] cannot feel what is happening to them.”
Babish was determined to challenge this mindset. “I wanted to change the mentality of people and raise awareness among different sectors …