A weekend at the cabin led to a surprise international mystery for one man in Carcross, Yukon, after he discovered a working digital camera in a lake and turned to social media to find its owner.
Gavin Gardiner and his partner had just arrived at their Nares Lake cabin on Oct. 28 when they spotted a camera sitting clear and uncovered in the waters off the beach.
“I actually ended up having to strip down and wade in about 20 feet offshore, and it was there under about five feet of water,” said Gardiner.
“Luckily it was a sunny nice day, but it was still late October in the Yukon — so pretty chilly.”
The couple left the camera to dry out, and while trying to remove the memory card later that evening, it powered on.
“There was a picture of a couple of canoers that was taken pretty much where the camera had been found,” he said. “The date stamp was Aug. …