According to, Colorado has 58 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet (known as “14ers) – the most of any state.
One 14-year-old dog is lucky to be alive after a group of hikers worked together to rescue her from a horrifying 14er mountainside, after she ran away from home six weeks earlier.
The dog, named Chloe, got loose during a walk near her home in Mount Bross, Colorado. Her owner, Larry Osborne, tried to stay positive, but after several weeks passed, he accepted the idea that she had been killed somehow.
But then fate intervened. Hikers heard faint cries and barks coming from a steep mountainside, but assumed it was just a coyote.
A local woman named Trinity Smith saw a post on social media about Chloe and thought she may be tied to the barking coming from the mountain. At this point nobody knew, but Smith wasn’t going to let it go. …