Yesterday’s elections in the US suggest that voters across the country are beginning to reject Trumpist candidates and policies, a sentiment that may grant Democrats wins in next year’s elections.
The stakes are high since Democrats are hoping to regain control of Congress and perhaps bring climate action back into the agenda. Yesterday’s elections provide some hope for the rest of the world, gathered in Bonn, Germany for UN negotiations on climate change.
Brandon Wu, director of policies and campaigns at ActionAid USA, said: “Yesterday’s elections were only the beginning of a rejection of the Trump administration’s destructive, hateful, racist, corrupt policies and positions. That’s hugely encouraging for many reasons, including the Trump approach to the climate crisis.”
The elections included a handful of intriguing results in state and local races and some statewide referenda. The spotlight was on Virginia, a closely fought race that pitted Trump surrogate Ed Gillespie against Democrat …