My God, there was so much garbage leading up to Election Day 2016. It continued on Election Day. And, well, it’s still everywhere, in case you hadn’t noticed.
We all processed everything surrounding that day differently. For me, it was an odd journey, involving a revelation around, well, garbage.
Somewhere between the king tides in Fort Lauderdale drowning my street in seawater, noticing trash lining our communities and inevitably ending up in our water sources (in South Florida and beyond), and having the epiphany that I sat around entirely too much in the mornings while reading and engaging with garbage online, I had an idea: Rather than reading garbage, what if I took that time and energy to pick up actual garbage instead?
Sure, we all need an ample amount of information to be informed citizens. But is life spent reading Repub4Lyfe777’s novel-length reaction to an abortion article or DonkeyDemYeahhh’s tweet …