A newly sharpened pencil protruded from the side pocket of Kolston Moradi’s backpack and when he plopped on the floor at the end of the day, it impaled his arm near his armpit about six inches deep and punctured an artery.
An emergency medical technician who would later rush him to the hospital told his mother the pencil would have killed him if two teachers hadn’t stopped his bleeding.
Reading teacher Mandi Kapopoulos was leaving her classroom at Equestrian Trails Elementary on Nov. 1 when she noticed what looked like a trail of juice in the hallway. She followed the trail. It wasn’t juice.
She found third-grader Kolston at the end of it.
“He wasn’t screaming or crying or saying anything,” she said. “There were pools of blood at his feet and his whole shirt was covered in blood.”
Just the night before, she had given Kolston candy at her doorstep for Trick or Treat …