Zookeepers in the Far Eastern Russian city of Vladivostok have paired a newborn Amur leopard cub with a canine foster mom. The golden retriever, named Tessa, already has her paws full with four pups of her own, but she cares for the newcomer with licks and love. Thanks to a healthy diet of Tessa’s milk, supplemented with formula and rabbit meat treats by the zoo, the cub has already outgrown her adopted siblings.
As a big cat-in-training, the leopard cub needs some friends of her own size. As of 2015, there were 57 Amur leopards in Russia, so the rare subspecies is in short supply. So the zoo matched the cub up with a lioness and a tigress. The feline playmates are both two and a half months old and about the same size as the critically endangered leopard.
Zookeepers have also set up the trio with a Central Asian shepherd dog. …