Who could have guessed such a nervous cat would turn into an adventurer?
JJ Yosh, a cat-lover, was concerned that he would not be able to keep Simon.
“The first night I had Simon he was a complete nightmare,” Yosh told The Dodo. “He was meowing all night, hiding in corners — this cat wouldn’t let me near him at all.”
The following day, Simon found a way out of Yosh’s home in Boulder, Colorado. He vanished beneath a large rock.
Despite Yosh’s coaxing, Simon was not coming out.
“I couldn’t get him,” Yosh said. “I had to go to work so I left him there.”
The whole day at work, Yosh was worried about Simon’s safety. When he came home from work, he searched for Simon – who had not budged. Simon was meowing over and over.
Yosh tried to grab Simon, and this time, Simon let him. Suddenly, the relationship between the two changed entirely.
“He …