A University of Kentucky employee has been suspended for allegedly vandalizing a student’s vehicle with fliers criticizing her for parking in a campus handicapped spot, a UK spokeswoman said.
Lexi Baskin posted to Twitter on Oct. 26 images of her Jeep covered in multiple papers that shamed her for using a handicapped slot despite appearing healthy.
What the perpetrator — unknown at the time — didn’t realize is that Baskin has cancer and is undergoing radiation treatment, Baskin said in a tweet.
Baskin’s tweet has been retweeted nearly 50,000 times and has been liked more than 100,000 times.
In a Facebook post, Baskin also sent a message to the perpetrator.
“Just because I look fine in the 2 minutes I walk from my car to the building does not mean I am not battling cancer and undergoing radiation treatment. I am not asking for sympathy, but just awareness that everyone is fighting their …