Music is what brought Bruce and Chris Linton together as college sweethearts 75 years ago. It’s also what kept the couple connected to each other while war tore the rest of the world apart.
Their story is one of love surmounting all odds, like something out of a wind-swept romance starring the handsome American soldier and the pretty girl waiting for him back home. The Lintons’ story has all that and more — because it actually happened.
On Friday, the eve of Veterans Day, Bruce and Chris shared their memories of WWII — and how a mysterious poem, likely written by a fellow solider stationed overseas, inspired Bruce to write a love song to the “beautiful girl” he’d left behind.
That girl, of course, was Chris. And the song was a wistful, Cole Porter-style ballad simply titled “You and Me.”
“It’s a beautiful gift,” pianist Linda Mannering said of “You …