Baby boy trying to grab french fries

Many adults would admit that if you dangle the prospect of food in front of them, they’ll be motivated to do just about anything. But as this family video proves, our susceptibility to food begins at a very young age.
Coffee is arguably one of the most notable motivators to merely getting out of bed in the morning. And dinner can be, on the Friday nights you’re especially worn out, the fuel you need to meet up with your friends or even just get home to your PJs and your TV. In this video, a dad proves that food can also be pivotal to the first steps in our lives.
Relatively new dad Ben Hayman captured his daughter, Evie, taking her first steps with the aid of the most beloved of fried foods: french fries. In the one-minute video, you can watch on loop Evie’s attempt at not just grasping the lone fry—which …