A San Diego couple was in the right place at the right time when they spotted a man walking along the Coronado Bay Bridge and immediately felt something was wrong.
Wednesday was date night for Dr. Matthew Bruhin and his wife, Elizabeth. The couple told NBC 7 they hit some traffic on the way back home their home to Coronado Island.
Their path crossed a stranger’s path, just in the nick of time.
“As we came on the Coronado Bay Bridge, it was literally the exact timing he was walking up the bridge,” Bruhin said, referring to a man walking alone along the bridge.
Right away, the couple said they knew something was amiss. They slowed down and tried to talk to the man.
The stranger was distraught.
“He didn’t make any response at all but I noticed he was crying and I know that isn’t a good sign,” Bruhin said.
What they didn’t know until later …