In a hallway at the Ogden Theatre on Saturday, the crowd shuffled around two men who looked like old friends catching up.
Some people shyly smiled at them. Others stuck out a hand for a handshake.
These men weren’t performing that night, but they had fans.
They weren’t famous recording artists, but their words and actions inspired dozens, if not hundreds of people just that night.
The story of Doug Booth and Chris Wilkinson isn’t too out of the ordinary, but the circumstances that brought them together in Denver this weekend brings a massive smile to Andrew McMahon’s face when he tells the story.
“It’s a crazy thing to me and it makes me feel like we’re on the right path,” McMahon said through a grin.
More than a decade ago, McMahon overcame leukemia. Today, outside of his daily duties as a husband, father and wildly successful musician, he is the …