WildCare fostered the two babies by feeding them formula through a syringe until they were old enough to eat solids. What kind of solid food do baby opossums eat exactly? A delicious cocktail of fish, egg, and fruit-flavored yogurt, all mixed together. 
So what do these little guys smell like at such a young age? “At this age, the little ones have a distinctive but not unpleasant musky odor. When combined with the milky scent of the special skunk formula they are fed every three hours around the clock, these little ones smell a bit like dark chocolate— not at all unpleasant,” Hermance said. 
Officers couldn’t herd mama duck into the patrol car, so they rolled down the windows and slowly drove away from the highway toward the waterfront. Thankfully, the mallard followed the sound of her babies chirping all the way to the waterfront. 
A fishhook was speared into the owl’s wing. …